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Trade charity, FTCT, launches its second national poster campaign with the backing of industry leaders
Posted by: BITA 23 June 2015

Trade charity, the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) has sent personal letters to CEO’s and HR managers of 130 of the UK’s top retailers, with the support of industry leaders Meg Lustman, CEO of Hobbs and Chair of FTCT, and Dave Shepherd, COO of Arcadia and Trustee of FTCT.

The aim of this year’s campaign is to increase awareness of FTCT’s grant programme that supports the education and wellbeing of children whose parents workin any aspect of UK fashion retailing, manufacturing and textile trade, including those who work in the interior textiles industry.

FTCT are currently working with BHS, M&S, Hobbs and NEXT however, they are keen to reach more companies - big and small – to help ease financial pressure off those families in the industry who have hit hard times.

It only takes one instance such as illness, disability or bereavement to put family in financial hardship,” says FTCT director, Anna Pangbourne. “This can have a detrimental effect on their personal lives and performance at work. 

“We have grants available to help children with their education and overall wellbeing; these grants act a bridge to help families support them during difficult financial times,” she continues. “With the help of FTCT trustees such as Meg Lustman and David Shepherd we aim to encourage more employers to jump on board and work with us to support their employees and their children throughout the UK.”

The charity welcomes contact from all employers who wish to get their company involved. To find out more, simply call the FTCT team on020 7232 1876 or email


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