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Aisha and Jo's story
Posted by: The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust 16 February 2015
Aisha, 11, lives with her mother Jo. Jo is a single parent who works part-time at Tesco and receives no additional support. Due to this, finding cash for everyday essentials is a huge challenge. 

Jo told us: "I heard about the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust (FTCT) through an email I received from Gingerbread - a charity that supports single parents. As a single parent myself on a low-income, I needed help buying a kitchen table, along with essential clothing and a wardrobe and drawer set for Aisha. 

"When I contacted FTCT, I felt like I was being heard and not judged. They were very understanding, helpful and friendly. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness as it can be difficult asking for help. 

"The process of getting a well-being grant for Aisha was easy. Giving the charity the information they needed, and waiting for a decision whether the grant would be approved went very quickly.

"I am happy and very relieved my daughter got the grant. Aisha is very happy with her wardrobe and drawers. She loved going clothes shopping; it was great to treat her and do something nice together.

"The grants given by FTCT are so important for single parent families on a low income. When all of your money is going on rent and food it is impossible to afford essential items that are vital for a child's self-image. It is hard paying the bills; with the cost of living going up people are just getting by. 

"It's so kind that charities such as FTCT are reaching out to help families such as mine. Now, Aisha and I are very happy and have started to enjoy life." 
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